# Cristalizaçao et Origen

# Cristalizaçao et Origen

“rio-rouge”, 2014-2017 [Série Palette]

Artistic approach

Jaildo Marinho’s work takes its place in the great Brazilian artistic tradition of neo-concretism. Heir to both Mondrian and the concrete art of the thirties, this movement was illustrated from the fifties onwards in the works of Helio Oiticica, Amilcar de Castro and many others…

Interested in the fundamental notion of emptiness, Jaildo Marinho’s abstract works continue to explore its constructive and vital potential. At first glance, this seems paradoxical for an artist whose preferred material is marble, traditionally associated with the idea of mass and weight.

But this is precisely the challenge that Jaildo Marinho has set himself through creations that oscillate between the second and third dimensions. These have in common the use of simple geometric shapes, of a pure whiteness, to which the artist occasionally adds bright colors.

The work of Jaildo Marinho is divided into different series that he declines over the years with a constantly renewed inventiveness.

First appeared the “Diagonal Lines” and the “Oblique Lines” (exact dates), which are rectangular paintings with a hollowed out central area activated by the presence of strings.

Then came the “Saucers”, circular shapes generally made of marble, with a slightly rounded and striated surface. They are assembled along horizontal, vertical or oblique axes, as are also the modules of the series of “Squares” (inaugurated in date), often reduced to their simplest framework with their dematerialized center (their arrangement has sometimes given rise to large monumental panels). The “Shuttles”, inaugurated in date, with their convex surfaces dynamized by circular and colored holes, take all their dimension during their suspension in space.

As part of the heritage of European geometric abstraction and Brazilian neo-concretism, paintings or sculptures, sometimes halfway between the two, Jaildo Marinho’s works draw their formal origins from the landscapes, arts and popular traditions of his native Brazil. This underlying dialogue of the artist with his roots, which testifies to a primarily intuitive and self-taught approach to creation, has become more explicit through the installations “Cristalizaçao” and “Origen”, presented respectively in Brazil in 2017 at the Museum of Modern Art in Rio de Janeiro and in 2018 at the Multiarte gallery in Fortaleza.

“rio-jaune”, 2014-2017 [Série Palette]
Jaildo Marinho