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Jaildo Marinho

Jaildo Marinho was born in Brazil in 1970. He lives and works in Paris since 1993 but divides his time between France, Brazil and the United States. He studied sculpture at the UFPE-PE in Brazil and then became a teacher at the Art Sculpture and Foundry Workshop of the city of Paris from 1999 to 2004. In 1991, the Casa da Cultura de Pernambuco in Recife offers his first monographic exhibition, then barely 21 years old. Since then, he has participated in numerous group exhibitions and every year a personal exhibition is dedicated to him. In 2004, he created a large sculptural project at the Historical Library of the City of Paris and in 2012 at the Maison de l’Amérique Latine in Paris. His works are acquired by several public and private collections around the world and he won the Gold Medal at the International Festival of Mahares in 1995 and the 3rd Prize of Sculpture at the Biennial of Malta in 1999.

Jaildo Marinho started very early, from his childhood, to work the material, to work as a sculptor. But it is a revelation, soon after his arrival in Paris in 1993, which marks his artistic practice forever. He has just become aware of the possibilities of emptiness. The notion of emptiness is essential in the work of Jaildo Marinho. Thanks to a subtle work of geometric shapes and color, his marble sculptures defy the laws of gravity. Between fullness and emptiness a range of variations and metamorphoses develops. He tries to make sense of what we do not see. His achievements are at first simple blocks, hard, almost inaccessible. Then, with his hands as a sculptor, the artist carefully digs and encloses this void in a geometric form, in a sculptural shell.

To develop this work around the void, Jaildo Marinho turns to marble, that of Carrara, homeland of all sculptors. He loves purity and the white color that offer him many possibilities and capture this much sought after light. The massive aspect and the binding weight of the marble are swept by the sculptor who offers with virtuosity works with the light pace and put in a perfect balance on a single point of contact. At the work of the material associates a work of the color. This one is arranged by acrylic painting which puts in scene the regular perforations of the marble. This recurring and permanent color is used spontaneously by Jaildo Marinho, thus employed according to the desire that the instant gives him. This colorful game highlights voids that become openings to other possibilities of perception and design of works. It is important for the artist to play with the material and the purity of the marble is colored by the reflections of these “flashy” acrylics.

Jaildo Marinho is not only dedicated to marble work. He also proposes paintings, always printed by this identity that is the void. The work of sculptor and the work of painter form a balance in the work of Jaildo Marinho. His paintings are also very sculptural. The artist starts from the traditional format of the painting that he digs to give back his place to the void. Then, a link composed of lines connects the two surfaces then separated to highlight this space left to the questioning of the spectator. These creations made mainly from wood as well as cotton or nylon threads, also pay homage to the tradition of painting on wood. The titles of Jaildo Marinho’s works are very important. Offering sculptures and geometric paintings and whose meaning is not always perceived at first glance, the title tells the story of creation. In this way, sculptures such as Navete refer to the hull of a boat, a shuttle; and Papillon-Paris evokes the multiple colors of Paris, a city of adoption, and by its structure reminiscent of the wings of a moving butterfly.



2018: « Origens»-GALERIA MULTIARTE-Fortaleza(Brésil)

2017: « Cristalizaçao »-MAM-Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro (Brésil)

2015: « Blanc,Rouge de Meudon »-Centre d’art et de culture de la Ville de Meudon (France)

2014: « Navette »-Espace Meyer Zafra-Paris(France)

2013: « Empty Orange »-Durbain Segnini Gallery-Miami (USA)

2012 : « Jaildo Marinho »-Galeria Pinakotheke Cultural »-Rio de Janeiro (Brésil)
« Jaildo Marinho-Ouvres récentes »-Galerie Nery Marino-Paris (France)
« Le Vide Oblique » Maison de L’Amerique Latine- Cour Ovale-Paris (France)

2010: GaleriiizL- Vystavnou Salou   Univerzitnej Kniznice –Bratislave   (Slovaquie)
Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Regional Studies – Gÿor (Hungrie)

2009 : « Structure Ouverte » Galerie Nery Marino-Paris (France)

2008: « Instalaçao/Bricolages  Hommage à Claude Levi Strauss. » Fundaçao Joaquim Nabuco -Recife (Brésil)
Galeria Manuel Bandeira-Academia Brasileira de Letras- Rio de Janeiro (Brésil)

2007: « Portas para Brasilia »-Espaço Cultural Marcantonio Vilaça-Brasilia (Brésil)

2006: «Portes pour Bercy » -Palais Omnisports de Paris Bercy- Paris  (France)

2005: Galerie Nery Marino –Paris (France)

2004: Casa do Brasil –Madrid (Espagne)
« Derrière le Tableau »- Bibliothèque Historique de la Ville de Paris  (France)
Galerie ADAC- Paris (France)

2003: Galeria JG Arte Visual – Fortaleza (Brésil)
Centre Culturel Franco-Brésilien- Paris (France)

2002: MAC – Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Pernambuco –Olinda  (Brésil)
The Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center –Washington-DC (USA)

2001: Galerie Claude Dorval –Paris (France)

2000: Museu Coripos –Santa Maria da Boa Vista (Brésil)
Galerie ADAC –Paris (France)

1999: Centre Culturel Franco-Brésilien-Paris (France)
Concert-Sculpture, salle multimédia de l’ADAC-Paris (France)

1998: Galerie Debret-Paris (France)
Galeria Tenda Arte –Petrolina  (Brésil)

1996: Château de Montaigut-le-Blanc (France)

1995: Galeria Tenda Arte –Petrolina  (Brésil)

1992 : Espaço Cultural Caixa Economica Federal – Recife (Brèsil)


ART MIAMI-Durbain Segnini Gallery-Miami (USA)
-ZONA MACO-Arte Contenporanéo 2019-Durbain Segnini Gallery-Miami (Mexique)

ART MIAMI-Durbain Segnini Gallery-Miami (USA)
-« Epace Oblique »-Galerie Denise René-Paris (France)
-« Carré Latin-Jardin du Palais Royal-Paris (France)
-ARTRIO- Galeria PinaKotheke Cultural- Rio de Janeiro(Bresil)
-« A Intençao e o Gesto-Projeto Arte e Industria »-Museu da Industria –Fortaleza(Brésil)
-« A Intençao e o Gesto-Projeto Arte e Industria  -MAC Museu de Arte Contemporanea de Goias-Goiânia(Brésil)
-« 9 Sculptors – Types of Abstraction »- Durbain Segnini Gallery-Miami (USA)
-Palm Beach Modern + Contemporary 2018 -Durbain Segnini Gallery-Miami (USA)

-ART MIAMI- Espace Meyer Zafra(France)
-ART Elysées-Espace Meyer Zafra-Paris(France)
-ARTRIO- Galeria PinaKotheke Cultural- Rio de Janeiro(Bresil)
-« 6° Ediçao do Prêmio CNI-SESI-Senai Marco Antonio Vilaça-MuBE(Brésil)
-ART New York- Espace Meyer Zafra(France)
-ARTPARIS-Espace Meyer Zafra-Paris(France)
-SP ARTE- Galeria PinaKotheke Cultural- Sao Paulo (Bresil)
-Raja ART-La collection RAJA Art-2017-Paris(France)

-ART MIAMI- Espace Meyer Zafra-Paris(France)
-Coleçao Airton Queiroz –Espaço Cultural UNIFOR-Fortaleza(Bresil)
-SCULPTURE EN PARTAGE –Fondation Villa Datris- Isle-Sur-La-Sorgue(France)
-SPEAKING of ABSTRACTION –Language Transitions in Latin American Art-Durbain Segnini Gallery-Miami (USA)
-SELECTION-Galerie Nery Marino-Paris(France)
-ARTRIO- Galeria PinaKotheke Cultural- Rio de Janeiro(Bresil)
-SP ARTE- Galeria PinaKotheke Cultural- Sao Paulo (Bresil)
-SCULPTURE EN PARTAGE –Fondation Villa Datris- Isle-Sur-La-Sorgue(France) 

-MADI- MI Gallery-Osaka(Japon)
-ARTRIO- Galeria PinaKotheke Cultural- Rio de Janeiro(Bresil)
-Group Show – Summer 2015 –Espace Meyer Zafra-Paris(France)
-ARCHI-SCULPTURE –Fondation Villa Datris- Isle-Sur-La-Sorgue(France)  
-SP ARTE- Galeria PinaKotheke Cultural- Sao Paulo (Bresil)

-ART MIAMI-Durbain Segnini Gallery-Miami (USA)
-ARTBO-Durrbain Segnini Gallery-Bogota(Colombia)
-ART Elysées-Espace Meyer Zafra-Paris(France)
-ARTRIO-Galeria Pinakotheke Cultural-Rio de Janeiro(Brésil)
-SP ARTE –Galeria Pinakotheke  Cultural-Sao Paulo (Brésil)
-ARTPARIS-Espace Meyer Zafra-Paris(France)
-Fondation Villa Datris-Espace Monte-Cristo-Paris (France)

-ArtWYNWOOD- Durbain Segnini Gallery-Miami(USA)
-ArtMIAMI- Durbain Segnini Gallery-Miami(USA)
-ArtBO- Durbain Segnini Gallery-Bogota(Colombia)
-ART ELYSEES-Espace Meyer Zafra-Paris(France)
-ARTRIO-Galeria Pinakotheke Cultural-Rio de Janeiro(Brésil)
-SYMMETRY FESTIVAL 2013- Delft(Hollande )
-PINTALONDON-Durbain Segnini Gallery-London(Angleterre)
-MULTIARTE-Arte Contemporânea Brasileira-dos anos 1950 aos dias atuais –Fortaleza(Brésil)
-SP ARTE –Galeria Pinakotheke  Cultural-Sao Paulo (Brésil)
-MADI UNIVERSE-20 years of Mobile MADI Museum-KASSAK MUSEUM-Budapest (Hungrie)

-PINTA Art Show New York- Espace Meyer Zafra –New York(USA)
-ARTRIO–Galeria Pinakotheke  Cultural-Rio de Janeiro  (Brésil)
-Accademia di Belle Arti di Lovere-MADI una geometria oltre le regolea-Bergamo (Italie)
-Mouvement et Lumière –Fondation Villa Datris –Isle-Sur-La-Sorgue(France)
-SP ARTE –Galeria Pinakotheke  Cultural-Sao Paulo (Brésil)

-ARTRIO–Galeria Pinakotheke  Cultural-Rio de Janeiro  (Brésil)
-ART CONSTRUIT-Galerie Nery Marino-Paris (France)
-MADI Carmelo  Arden Quin  & Co-Musée d’Art et d’Histoire de la Ville de Cholet -Cholet (France)
-Conscience polygonale  de Carmelo  Arden  Quin à MADI contemporain -Centre International  d’Art Contemporain-Castelo  de  Carros-Carros (France)
-MADI International- Palais  de Glace -Palacio Nacional de Las Artes- Buenos Aires (Argentine)
-SP ARTE –Galeria Pinakotheke  Cultural-Sao Paulo (Brésil)
-Noir et blanc MADI- Galleria d’Arte  Afra Canali- Brescia (Italie)

-« Complementarita »- Castel  dell’Ovo- Naples  (Italie )
-Salao  A Hebraica- – Galeria Pinakotheke Cultural – Sao Paulo (Brésil)
-« Cor e Forma II »-Simoes de Assis Galeria de Arte-Curitiba (Brésil)
-SP ARTE –Galeria Pinakotheke  Cultural-Sao Paulo (Brésil)
-150ème Anniversaire de l’Angélus de Millet-Espace Culturel Marc Jacquet (Barbizon)
-« Construire sa lumiére » Espace d’art contemporain  Eugène Beaudouin (France)
-« Noir et blanc Galleria Marelia- Bergamo (Italia)

-Bichrome- Conservatoire des Arts Plastiques de Montigny-le-Bretonneux (France)
-Salon Comparaisons au Grand Palais –Paris (France)
-« Second  Line-Feeling of one dimension »-Hungarian Academy of Sciences Centre for Regional Studies – Györ (Hungrie)
-« Os caminhos  da arte entre a França e o Brasil »- Galeria Pinakothek e Cultural-Rio de Janeiro (Brésil)
-Salao  A Hebraica- -« Os caminhos da arte entre a França e o Brasil »- Galeria Pinakotheke Cultural – Sao Paulo (Brésil)
-Symmetry Festival Budapest  2009- Kortars Galéria- Budapest ( Hungria)
-SP ARTE –Galeria Pinakotheke  Cultural-Sao Paulo (Brésil)
-Salon Réalités Nouvelles  (Paris)
-MADI International-Galerie « Al Blu di Prussia »-Naples (Italie)
-In-Forma Geometrica –Museo Civico di Castelnuovo-Maschio Angioino- Naples(Italie)

-Expansionismo- Durban Segnini Gallery- Caracas (Venezuela)
-Salon Comparaisons au Grand Palais -Paris (France)
-Arte em Movimento-Espaço Eliana Benchimol-Rio de Janeiro (Brésil)
-MADI International-Museu Dragao do Mar-Fortaleza (Brésil)
-MADI International -Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Latinoamericano (MACLA)- -La Plata (Argentine)
-Cor  e Forma -Simoes de Assis Galeria de Arte –Curitiba (Brésil)
-Arte Struktura –Larte Construisce l’Europe-MADI –Milano (Italie)
-Mobile Madi Museum-Pécs (Hungrie)
-Le Teorie del MADI-Galleria Scoglio di  Quarto -Milano (Italie)
-SP ARTE –Galeria Pinakotheke  Cultural-Sao Paulo (Brésil)
-Salon Réalités Nouvelles-Paris (France)
-MADI- Maison  de L’Amerique Latine – Paris (France)
-Internazionale MADI a Verona-Spazio Arte Pisanello- Verona (Italie)

-« Satoru Sato Art Museum » –Tome (Japon)
-Museo de Arte Contemporaneo Francisco Narvaez- Porlamar-Nueva Sparta (Venezuela)
-L’abstraction géométrique –Château de Tours -Tours(France)
-Académie d’Architecture de Paris (France)
-SP Arte – Galeria Pinakotheke Cultural-Sao Paulo (Brésil)
-Salon Réalités Nouvelles –Paris (France)
-Monocromo –Galerie Orion-Paris (France)

-Salon Comparaisons  au Grand Palais –Paris (France)
-Prière de toucher-Marie du 10 éme –Paris (France)
-Artbo :Foire Internationale d’Art de Bogota- Graphic Gallery –Bogota (Colombie)
-Foire Européenne d’Art Contemporain- Galerie Nery Marino –Strasbourg (France)
-Galerie Orion –Paris (France)
-Galerie Spazio Lattuada di Milano –Milan (Italie)
-SupreMADIsme-Moscow Museum of Contemporary Art –Moscou (Russie)
-IKKP-Kunsthaus Rehau –Rehau (Allemagne)
-SP Arte –Pinakotheke Cultural-Sao Paulo (Brésil)
-Graphicart  Gallery Caracas (Venezuela)
-Cultural Institute of the Hungarian Republic-Bratislava (Slovaquie)

-Territoires  Transitoires-Musée Palais de La Porte Dorée-Paris (France)
-Galeria Multiarte – Fortaleza (Brésil)
-1000 et un Brésils-Espace Jean Legendre –Compiègne (France)
-Discover Brazil-Ludwig Museum-Koblenz (Allemagne)
-Museu  MADI-Sobral- Inauguration  (Brésil)
-Arte Madi Venezuela-Centro Cultural Eladio Aleman Sucre – Valencia (Venezuela)
-Salon Réalités Nouvelles-Paris (France)
-France Couleurs Brésil-Espace Belleville –Paris (France)
-MADI Museum & Gallery-Dallas (USA)

-Salon Réalités Nouvelles-Paris (France)
-Galeria Anita Schwartz-Rio de Janeiro (Brésil)
Universo Esprit de Géométrie –San Nicola la Strada-  Caserta (Italie)
-Mai en Cambrésis -Cambrai- (France)
-Conservatoire des Arts Montigny-le-Bretonneux (France)
-Géometric Art Centre -International MADI- Paris (France)
-Salon Comparaisons –Paris (France)
-Arte Struktura –Milano (Italie)

Museo MADI – La Plata  (Argentine)
-Orangerie du Château de Meudon –Meudon (France)
-Salon Réalités Nouvelles-Paris (France)
-ARCO’03 – Galerie Marcy -Gaymu- Madrid (Espagne)

-45e Salao de Artes Plasticas de Pernambuco – Tacaruna- Recife  (Brésil)
-ART PARIS Carrousel du Louvre
– Galerie Claude Dorval –Paris (France)
-N.A.V.E –Nucleo de Artes Visuais e Experimentos- Recife (Brésil)
-Hommage à Claude Dorval – Galerie Claude Dorval- Paris (France)
-Salon Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui –Avallon (France)
-Salon Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui –Paris (France)
-Espace Culturel “Le 148”-Alfortville (France)
-Arte Struktura 100X100-Milan  (Italie)

Fondation Nationale des Arts Graphiques et  Plastiques –Paris (France)
Salon Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui
–Paris (France)
The Third International Symposium for Sculpture -UNESCO- Aley (Liban)
Légendes du Brésil – Salle Eugène Verdun –Annecy (France)
-Galerie ADAC –Paris (France)
Mai en Cambrésis –Cambrai (France)
-Foire de Strasbourg – Galerie Claude Dorval –Strasbourg (France)
-Galerie AM TUNNEL – Espace Edward Steichen (Luxembourg)
-NART –Paris (France)
Salon Réalités Nouvelles –Paris (France)

ART PARIS Carrousel du Louvre – Galerie Claude Dorval –Paris (France)
Salon Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui
–Paris (France) 500 ans Brésil – Mairie du 3ème Arrondissement –Paris (France)
-Arte Struktura 20×20 –Milan (Italie)
-FUTUR’ART –Paris (France)
-Salon Réalités Nouvelles –Paris (France)
-Foire de Strasbourg – Galerie Claude Dorval-Strabourg (France)
-Foire de Gand – Galerie Marcy Gaymu –Gand (Belgique)

Salon Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui –Paris (France)
Salon Réalités Nouvelles –Paris (France)
Galerie Claude Dorval –Paris (France)
-ART PARIS Carrousel du Louvre – Galerie Marcy Gaymu –Paris (France)
Biennale de Malte (Malte)
Biennale de Malte a Paris (France)
-Festival Brésilien – Le Fanal -Saint-Nazaire (France)

-Espace Paris k Palace –Paris (France)
-Galerie Dieleman Gembloux (Belgique)
-Salon Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui –Paris (France)
-Galerie Claude Dorval Paris (France)

1997 :
-Salon Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui –Paris (France)

1996 :
Salon Grands et Jeunes d’Aujourd’hui –Paris (France)

1995 :
Festival International de Mahares (Tunisie)

1994 :
Salon des Indépendants –Paris (France)

1993 :
Espaço Cultural da Secretaria da Fazenda de Recife –Recife (Brésil)

1995 :Médaille d’Or au Festival International de Mahares (Tunisie)

1999:  3 ème Prix de Sculpture à la Biennale de Malte (Malte)